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SCV In the Know - August 17

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Today’s ‘Fighting Tiger’ Wins One for His Southern Heritage

   Claire Lee Chennault’s amazing military career spanned both World Wars, the Korean War, and more. He became most famous for commanding the “Flying Tigers” (1st American Volunteer Group), and their defense of the Burma Road, Rangoon and other critical sites in World War II. Gen. Chennault was born in Commerce, Texas, the son of John Stonewall Jackson Chennault. Many an enemy found this Southern soldier to be more than they could handle.

   The General’s grandson, Rick Chennault, is the newly appointed 2nd Lt. Cmdr. of the Adam Rankin SCV Camp #1910 in Henderson, Kentucky. At his job in Morganfield, Kentucky recently, he was told to “remove your g___ d____ rebel flag from your truck”, referring to several Confederate heritage bumper stickers, including his SCV sticker, or he would be fired. The bigot who made that statement obviously didn’t understand he was dealing with a tiger. Rick refused. After a thoughtful night of contemplating the loss of his job, Rick decided to “hold the high ground at all hazard”. “I am not in the SCV for a hobby; I take my Southern heritage very, very seriously,” he said. A few strategic phone calls by the SCV and SLRC then confirmed that Rick’s standing strong had already resolved the situation and the threat was withdrawn. This one, like many other situations where the civil rights of Southerners are initially trampled but successfully defended, didn’t have to go to court, so you won’t see it in the newspapers.

   It’s a shameful condemnation of our modern, politically correct society that anyone would be treated this way, let alone the grandson of a hero who gave so much to this country. The only way this will stop, though, is when we get more “tigers” like Rick Chennault, to call the bluffs of bigoted bullies.

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