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Sons of Confederate Veterans - Links

SCV Confederation HQ website
Site Name URL
Elm Springs http://scv.org

Confederate Heritage Month Website
Site Name URL
Confederate Heritage Month http://confederateheritagemonth.com
SCV Army websites
Site Name URL
Army of Northern Virginia http://anv.scv.org
Army of Tennessee http://www.scvaot.org
Army of the Trans-Mississippi http://www.atm-scv.org/

SCV Division websites
Site Name URL
Alabama Division Website http://www.aladivscv.com
Arizona Division SCV http://home.earthlink.net/~cssscv/arizonadivisionsonsofconfederateveterans
Arkansas Division http://www.arkansas-scv.org
California Division, SCV http://www.scvcalifornia.net/
Colorado Division  http://coloradoscv.bravehost.com
Florida Division, SCV http://www.florida-scv.org/
Georgia Division, SCV http://www.georgiascv.com/
Illinois Division, SCV http://www.ill-div-scv.org
Indiana Division, SCV http://www.heritagedefense.com/indivscv/
Iowa Division, SCV http://iowascv.org
Kansas Division, SCV http://www.ksscv.org/
Kentucky Division SCV http://www.kyscv.org
Louisiana Division, SCV http://www.lascv.com/
Maryland Division, SCV http://www.mdscv.org
Mississippi Division, SCV http://www.mississippiscv.org/
Missouri Division, SCV http://www.missouridivision-scv.org/
New Mexico Division, SCV http://www.nm-scv.org/
North Carolina Division, SCV http://www.ncscv.net/
Ohio Division Website http://www.ohiodivison.com
Oklahoma Division http://www.oklahomascv.org
Pennsylvania Division, SCV http://mysite.verizon.net/vze1uj96/scv/Lee's_Keystone_Division.htm
South Carolina Division, SCV http://www.scscv.com
Tennessee Division, SCV http://www.tennessee-scv.org
Texas Division http://www.texas-scv.org/
Virginia Division, SCV http://www.scvva.org
West Virginia Division SCV http://wvscv.org
Wisconsin Division, SCV http://www.geocities.com/ad4os/WI_DIV_SCV/


In 1896, the Sons of Confederate Veterans was founded by the veterans and progeny of veterans who fought in the War Between the States. The Sons of Confederate Veterans was established as, and remains, an independent organization that supports the protection and preservation of Confederate heritage. Current members are descendants of the original defenders of Confederate heritage, and are not aligned or affiliated with any other organization.

To that end, please be advised that the CONCORD RANGERS has provided this list of Web Sites for the convenience of its patrons. The CONCORD RANGERS assumes no responsibility for the subject matter of these Sites, nor does it guarantee that the contents of these Web Site pages are in keeping with SCV policy.

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